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Hi. I'm Nick.  Thank you for being here.  Now tell me why.  The why is the most important thing for me. Why are you here? What emotion, milestone, connection do you want to document? 

I love the human connection. I love taking photos of people.  I appreciate the human condition.  I love emotion.  I love listening to people's stories.

 I seek out the truth I see in people. I seek the light that shines within.  If given the chance to work together, I promise to honor your intentions, value your story, and seek out the beauty and truth in you that you reflect through the lens. 


I am trained to thrive in chaos.   I am conditioned to excel under pressure.  I am schooled in the art of leadership, the art the art of healing, and art of photography.  

The camera was and continues to be a tool for healing. It's given me a voice to share my story, and a way for me to connect with people to help share theirs. 

 I learned many fundamentals of photography with my grandfather's camera, and I still have it in my rotation to this day. 

The intensity and magic of the moment means everything to me.  

I strive to be a master of this craft.

I shoot almost exclusively in film.  I appreciate the feel of it. I respect its quality and craftsmanship.  In a world consumed with digital everything, it feels more genuine to me. My mentors and greatest inspirations are experts in film photography. It is finite. There is more at stake. More constraints. The pressure to succeed is greater. But again, I am conditioned to excel under pressure. 

I went to war twice. I came home and studied mental health to assist in the healing of others. I became a husband, and a father. 

I got behind the lens to slow down my brain, to remember critical moments in my own life. Now, I capture critical life moments for others. 

I have seen both ends of the spectrum of humanity. I prefer to focus on the good in people, for the betterment of all. 

A humble warrior in the art of capturing people for who they are.

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Tel: 619.847.8142

instagram: @ambassador_of_stoke

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